Hello World from Customer Experience Tales (CX Tales)

CX Tales - Customer Experience Survey
CX Tales - Customer Experience Survey

Before we see talk about CX Tales, I want to talk a bit about Customer Experience (CX) first.

What is Customer Experience?

Whenever I talk to someone about what customer experience is, I see that most people still have a misconception of it indicating a world-class customer service or the (reactive) customer support as it’s called in the technology companies.

However, those who have been in the industry for longer than a couple of years know how wrong that perception is. Customer Experience encompasses everything starting from the thought process that’s gone into your website landing page, to the logo, to the sign-up page, the price list, the number of questions you’d ask a customer during your interactions, how frictionless it is, for the customer to reach out for help, the counter experience in case of physical storefronts, the queue management, the expected customer support experience and much more.

In short, customer experience is anything and everything that your existing and potential customers would come in contact with, about your company. A great experience not only focuses on delivering a great service to the customer when they reach out for help but also on minimizing the friction at every touch point and impressing them at every turn by the thoughtfulness that’s gone into the product or service. Of course, the best product or service in the world is one where everything just works perfectly and the customers never have to seek help – but that’s the Utopian world that we are talking about and in the increasingly complex world that we are living in, that’s a pipe dream.

What is CX Tales?

Customer Experience Tales, shortened as CX Tales, was an idea that was born from my love to build communities and a need to share knowledge about Customer Experience.

CX Tales aims to bridge some of the gaps in the understanding by talking to experts and beginners alike, across different roles and different domains, about what customer experience is, on their perspective. We’ll be talking to them about who they are as a person, about what drives them, their learnings, and sharing it for the world to partake in.

Being a community effort, your comments are welcome to improve CX Tales.



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