Let’s talk discovery -

Given the macroeconomic conditions and whatnot, companies are scrutinizing their SaaS spending even more.

It’s even more vital to sell the right solution to the right customer at the right time. Enter discovery -

The process is to help us focus our efforts on the customers where there is a real need and opportunity to demonstrate business value & ROI for the customers, fueling our growth. It also brings predictability to our pipelines.
The discovery process helps uncover your customers’ specific pain points, challenges, and goals and gives you valuable insights.

Sample Discovery Questions:

  • Establish a Need: What is the business’s need for the solution now? (or) What problem are you solving or looking to solve using our solution?
  • Assess Priority: What would happen if you didn’t implement a solution now (impact) (or)? Why is this a priority today?
  • Background: Do you already have a similar solution in place? How successful has it been for you? Where does it fall short?
  • Expectations: What does your customer journey look like? How do you envision an ideal solution fitting into that journey?
  • Success Metrics: What is success for you? How would you say we have successfully solved your problem (or)? What metrics can we use to measure the success of our partnership?
  • Stakeholder Management: Who else should we be involved in ensuring we implement the right solution and focus on the right value metrics for you? What is their role in the business and this process?

Discovery is not a holy grail that will help you save a failing account or compensate for a bad product without PMF.

But by conducting thorough discovery, you can lay the groundwork for your success, building a solution that meets your customers’ needs and increases your chances of success.

Originally Published on gln.me: https://gln.me/saas-discovery-101/

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